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Questions about the order

Can I change items in my completed order?

Unfortunately, we can no longer change orders. Once the order has been submitted for processing at our warehouse, we cannot make any changes.

Can gift vouchers or discount codes be offset afterwards?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. Before completing the purchase, please make sure that you have entered it correctly.

I've changed my mind and still don't want to receive my order.
What can I do?

Write us an email with your order number and the request to cancel the order. However, our logistics center works very quickly, so if your order has already been shipped, refuse to accept it upon delivery. If you are not at home during delivery, it is important that you return the package unopened. Once the mailer or package has been opened we cannot take back the package as the hygiene seal has been broken and we would have to discard the products.

Why is the delivery of my package delayed?

The order will be handed over to the parcel service provider on the next working day at the latest. Due to the current situation, the delivery of your order may be delayed. Our parcel service providers are always working to ensure that all orders arrive on time. Unfortunately, sometimes there can still be a delay.

My order shows as "delivered" but I haven't received it?

Please check the following:

  • If other people live at your address, ask them whether they accepted the package for you or refused to accept it.
  • If you live in an apartment building with a concierge or porter, ask for the package there.
  • Please check your mailbox for a notification from the courier.

If none of this applies, please send an email to , we will send you a declaration under oath, which we will sign and send to the parcel service provider. At the same time, we will resend the order to you.

How can I find out when my order will be delivered?

You will find a tracking code link in your shipping confirmation. Under this you can monitor the delivery status of your order. We ask for your understanding that once the parcel has been handed over to the parcel service provider, we have no influence on the delivery.

I would like to return the order I received

Please note that we cannot take back packages that have already been opened for hygienic and health reasons. This means that a refund is only possible if the envelope or package is unopened and the hygiene seal has not been broken. The products would then have to be disposed of by us and cannot be used again.

However, you have the option of ordering from our official partners and using the return option there.

Why can't I return an opened package?

Please note that we cannot take back packages that have already been opened for hygienic and health reasons. Once the package has been opened, the hygiene seal is broken. This means that a full refund is only possible if the package or envelope is unopened.

Questions about the products

I suspect I'm having an unanticipated reaction to a product.
What can I do?

The entire KISHA range is produced according to the highest quality standards. The ingredients are of the highest quality and are subject to the current legislation for cosmetic products. Individuals may not tolerate certain ingredients. Here we recommend speaking to a dermatologist you trust. The ingredients are listed both on the packaging and online in the ingredient description. Most importantly, please study the list before purchasing to avoid an allergic reaction.

How do I use the KISHA Cosmetics products?

Before applying cosmetic products, thoroughly clean your hands and the part of your body where you apply the product.

  • Any cosmetic product should be for personal use only. Cosmetics can lead to the transmission of infections.
  • All applicators (brushes, sponges) must be clean
  • Cosmetics should be protected from sources of heat and direct sunlight.
  • Never dilute with water or any other liquid, diluting could cause bacteria to grow in the product
  • Discard product as soon as color, consistency or odor changes
  • Only apply lip products to clean lips. The lipstick applicator in particular must not come into contact with leftover food or dirt, otherwise bacteria can develop

How do I sharpen my kajal pencil?

We recommend a cosmetic sharpener here, because the requirements for this make-up utensil are slightly higher than those for a normal sharpener. Unfortunately, with a simple sharpener there is a risk that the soft leads are not sharpened cleanly enough. This is because sharpeners for cosmetic pencils are specially adapted to the needs of sensitive make-up accessories.

The blades must be very sharp in order to be able to sharpen the kajal pencil properly. They are intended to prevent the pencils from breaking off when sharpened, from not getting really sharp or from smearing or splintering in the lead area. Therefore, if you notice that the blades lose their sharpness after a while, we advise investing in a new sharpener, because in everyday use it is very important that the blades are properly sharp.

A very soft cosmetic pencil, in the case of a kajal pencil, does not exactly make it easier to sharpen. Therefore, let the pen cool down for a short time beforehand so that the lead becomes a little harder. For example, you can put it in the fridge for a short time, but not for too long.
However, it is important that you bring the pencil back to room temperature after sharpening and before the next use, because the soft lead is perfect for application.

The turning mechanism on my kajal pencil doesn't work?

It is a Kajal pencil for sharpening without a turning mechanism. We recommend regular sharpening, because blunt leads lead to less precise lines.

Why do the KISHA Lipsticks have to be shaken before use?

Due to their texture, the Matte Liquid Lipsticks in particular must be shaken well before use, as the highly dosed pigments can separate from the nourishing oils. Therefore, please shake the lipstick vigorously, especially before using it for the first time.

How do I use the KISHA Matte Liquid Lipsticks correctly?

It is important that your lips are free of oils. Therefore, we recommend that you clean and dry your lips beforehand. For slightly greasy lips, it helps to powder the lips with a transparent powder after cleaning before using the Matte Liquid Lipstick . As soon as you have applied the KISHA Cosmetics Lipsticks, let them dry briefly before you press your lips together, otherwise the result may not look even.

How do I store the KISHA Cosmetics products properly?

  • Note the date you opened the product and don't use it past the expiry date.
  • Cosmetics must not be exposed to direct sunlight, stored in excessive heat or too cool
  • Never add other liquids to the products as bacteria can develop

Do the KISHA Cosmetics products have an expiry date?

The KISHA Cosmetics products are valid for 9 months after opening. The PaO (Period After Opening) is marked with the same symbol in all EU countries: an open-lid can with the shelf life after opening indicated in numbers followed by an M. The symbol is located on the packaging (where the cosmetic product is located).

Are the KISHA Cosmetics products manufactured without animal testing?

KISHA Cosmetics products are exclusively animal-free and produced in Germany.

Where can I purchase the KISHA Cosmetics products?

The qualitative and high-quality production of KISHA cosmetic articles is very important to us. KISHA Cosmetics does not sell through individuals, flea markets, online auctions, independent sellers or unauthorized online dealers. You can only find our products on KISHA-COSMETICS.COM and at official partners. Fakes will be prosecuted.

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